OpsCon team

The OPSCon team consists of professionals with very different experiences, united by the same passion for IT

  • Fabrizio Arzeni: is a Software Architect and code addicted. Currently in love with Web technologies, Cloud platforms and Thai food. He’s always looking for the right way to ‘make things work’. Whatever happens, whatever it takes, whatever the weather, they have to be up, running and  ACDC compilant.
  • Paolo De Rosa: Cloud Engineer @ Canonical, in the past system and network administrator,for years he worked to design, configure,install and troubleshoot large computer networks. Founder @ Autistici/Inventati, project aimed at providing free communication tools on a widespread base, by suggesting users to choose free rather than commercial communication tools(email, blog, chat and mailinglist). Paolo spent long time to model and build beneficial IT infrastructures able to be cultivated, scaled up and maintained over time. Follow @paolo-de-rosa
  • Francesco Fullone: is a nerd, an otaku and a father who occasionally does some work as entrepreneur and startup mentor. He loves to work with web technologies and his new hobby is testing startups business models. You can find him in almost every social networks as fullo and physically, sometimes, in ideato’s office in Cesena. He spends some of his free time traveling, organizing conferences for GrUSP and writing books. If you attended any international conference about web technologies in Italy, you met him as speaker, organizer or attendee – Follow @fullo
  • Francesco Pallanti: Founder of WeLikeCRM, company dedicated to Social Business Intelligence, and Chorally, software dedicated to enterprise customer care innovation, Francesco gave birth to Better Software conference in 2009, and make conferences like QtDay, Pycon Italy and EuroPython – Follow @BlackMouseLAB

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